November 27, 2019

Digital Marketing Launchpad

Introducing the Most Powerful Digital Marketing Toolbox!

As an online entrepreneur, apart from having a website, a hosting service and a keyword research tool to find your niche and register your domain name, you will need to use other tools to provide valuable content to your website and to create your own digital products in the most visually appealing way. LET’S GET EXCITED!

I am so pleased to have partnered with my friends David and Heidi, who have put together an incredibly valuable toolbox for the busy “rookie” entrepreneur. 

Their launchpad guide covers ALL the essential resources that you will need when setting up an online business. I wish I had discovered this wealth of information when I designed my first website twenty years ago! It would have saved me so much time, effort and money! How could I NOT offer it to you?

Believe me, this e-book is a wonderfully comprehensive, “one-stop-for-all-needs” kind of toolbox for anyone wishing to succeed online. 

You can get it today by simply clicking on the book here, which will take you to Dave and Heidi’s e-book.

  • Want to know what niche to enter and what topic to create your product on? We’ll show you exactly how to find the most profitable niches and the hottest topics for your new product. (Page 10)
  • Building a website is tough – right? All that coding stuff… No! Definitely not! In fact it has never been easier to create a website and you can even build it completely for free. (Page 13)
  • Got an idea for an eBook? We’ll show you how to put it all together complete with images and professional cover graphic. (Page 18)
  • Videos are going to have a big future  in the digital marketing world. We’ll show you how we started making videos for our business – no credit card required! (Page 24)
  • You don’t need expensive software like Photoshop to create stunning graphics. We create all our graphics with these amazing free tools. (Page 34) 
  • Keep your data and your products safely backed up without paying for storage. We’ll show you how to get all the storage space you’ll ever need. (Page 40)
  • Facebook Ads, Solo Ads, Direct Mail Campaigns – all great ways to market your product and get the word out there, but we don’t like parting with cash for our marketing campaigns! (Page 46) 
  • Taking payments for your products used to require expensive merchant facilities or waiting for checks in the post. Not any more! You can take payments online without any expense or waiting times. (Page 52)
  • And lots more great tips too!